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Encyclopedia of Activism and Social Justice

Like many scholars whose formative years were in the activist 1960s and early 1970s, we lived for many years with an uncomfortable relationship between our activism and our scholarship. These were supposed to remain separate domains: By day, we produced positivist knowledge to feed the information society; by night, we ...

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Handbook of Adoption

Adoption touches the lives of millions of Americans and is now viewed by most individuals as an estimable means of family formation (Evan B. Donaldson Adoption Institute, 2002). Over the past three decades, however, the nature of adoption has changed dramatically (Brooks, Simmel, Wind, & Barth, 2005). The stereotype ...

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The SAGE Handbook of Advertising

Advertising is a field that has attracted a great deal of academic attention, but to date there has been no summarizing of the state of the art of research. This far reaching and scholarly Handbook is edited by two highly respected and trusted thinkers in the field and includes contributions ...

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Encyclopedia of African American Education

We know that Africans had both formal and informal education on the African continent prior to their arrival in the Americas. The education of Africans who were forcibly brought to the Americas continued once they arrived on these shores in the 1600s. They arrived as Africans and later came to ...

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The SAGE Handbook of African American Education

When I first agreed to take on the responsibility of writing an introduction for this Handbook, I had no idea what I was signing on to. When the manuscripts began arriving, I was taken aback by their sheer volume. The sound track that erupted in my mind was an old ...

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Encyclopedia of African American Society

Now and then I receive emails and letters from students requesting assistance. Most often, the request concerns some aspect of African American society. The questioners have ranged in age from those in their earliest teenage years to typical college students to mature seniors enrolled in community college during their retirement ...

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Encyclopedia of African Religion

The Encyclopedia of African Religion is the first comprehensive work to assemble ideas, concepts, discourses, and extensive essays on African religion. Over the years, there have been numerous encyclopedias on religion from other parts of the world, but African religion has often been relegated to “primitive religions,” “African mythologies,” or ...

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“Scholarship is a product of the specialization.” This maxim is a cornerstone of the modern research university. Professors advise doctoral students to lay claim to a small piece of turf, the smaller the better. A scholarly monograph, senior scholars inform their charges, is a narrow one. Such folk often dismiss ...

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Encyclopedia of American Urban History

We are an urban nation and have been so, officially at least, since the early 20th century. But long before then, our cities played crucial roles in the economic and political development of the nation, as magnets for immigrants and as centers of culture and innovation. They still do. Yet, ...

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Encyclopedia of Anthropology

When Dr. H. James Birx, the editor of the Encyclopedia of Anthropology, and I first met over lunch in a restaurant near the La Brea Tar Pits in Los Angeles, we discovered that, in addition to our commitment to anthropology, we both have a passion for Charles Darwin and the ...

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21st Century Anthropology: A Reference Handbook

Since its emergence as a discipline in the middle of the 19th century, anthropology has focused on the study of humankind in terms of science and reason, as well as logical speculation. Within a comprehensive and interdisciplinary framework, anthropology aims for a better understanding of and proper appreciation for the ...

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Encyclopedia of Applied Developmental Science

Since it was created in 1936, the William T. Grant Foundation has been interested in describing, explaining, and thereby fostering the optimal development of young people. To do this work, over the years the Foundation has supported selected communication, direct service, and capacity-building projects, but research is the bulk and ...

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Encyclopedia of Behavior Modification and Cognitive Behavior Therapy

The Encyclopedia of Behavior Modification and Cognitive Behavior Therapy was designed to enhance the resources available to scholars, practitioners, students, and other interested social science readers. The fact that this three-volume work is needed at this time is a testimonial to the pioneers in this field who only three or ...

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Encyclopedia of Bilingual Education

An appropriate way to open an encyclopedia of bilingual education is to define the term in brief. The simplest definition is that bilingual education is the use of two languages in the teaching of curriculum content in K-12 schools. This definition is most germane to the United States, the country ...

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Encyclopedia of Black Studies

Black Studies emerged as both an intellectual field and a critical ideology during the 1960s. It has remained close to its roots and also made a broad and deep impact on scholarship in general by creating a fundamental shift in the way scholars pursue research and view human societies: Black ...

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Handbook of Black Studies

The increasing demand for information about the field of Black Studies, variously referred to as African American Studies, African Diaspora Studies, Africana Studies, and Africology, has made a source book, more advanced than the ordinary text book, imperative. Thus, the idea behind this volume is to present a work of ...

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Encyclopedia of Business Ethics and Society

Commerce is by its very nature a normative enterprise. It is concerned with creating value for owners and other constituencies, ranging from the firm's immediate stakeholders, such as employees, customers, and suppliers, to the entire society within which the business operates. As a field of study, business ethics aims to ...

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Encyclopedia of Business In Today's World

Business in today's world is one of increasing diversity. Undertaking commerce even by an individual can mean working globally through a welter of new media with opportunities of all sorts rapidly appearing. The boundaries, scope, content, structures, and processes of a business activity can morph into completely different ones in ...

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Encyclopedia of Cancer and Society

Over 6 Million people around the world die from cancer each year. There is overwhelming evidence that lifestyle factors impact cancer risk and that positive, population-wide changes can significantly reduce the cancer burden. What drives the distribution of these modifiable risk factors and what slows our progress to improving the ...

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Encyclopedia of Career Development

Sweeping changes in the nature of work, shifts in the meaning of career success, the rise of global business and international careers, heightened concerns over social influences on careers, and emerging labor laws and regulations influence the ways in which individuals, organizations, and the broader society view career development. It ...

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Handbook of Career Studies

The Handbook of Career Studies brings together, for the first time in a single work, a comprehensive scholarly treatment of the major topics within the growing field of career studies. Drawing on the expertise of leading international scholars in each area of career studies, editors Hugh Gunz and Maury Peiperl ...

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Encyclopedia of Case Study Research

Case study methodology has a relatively long history within the sciences, social sciences, and humanities. In sociology, for example, there is evidence that the case study approach was being “pioneered” at the University of Chicago by 1920, as sociologists attempted to illuminate the social instance (e.g., the immigrant experience in ...

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The SAGE Handbook of Child Development, Multiculturalism, and Media

There are in our scholarly discourses certain areas of study with constructs that are composed of systematically arranged theories, ideas, and concepts that, whether expressed separately or together, carry their own set of historical and contemporary complexities. This introductory section of the Handbook considers three such complex areas of study ...

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Encyclopedia of Children, Adolescents, and the Media

It was 1904, and G. Stanley Hall, writing his magnum opus on adolescent development, was concerned about rising crime rates among American youth. He discerned a variety of causes, but one key source of the problem was the media. As Hall saw it, a young man may be induced to ...

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Handbook of Children, Culture, and Violence

Every day, 9 children are homicide victims and 20 die from firearms. Every day, nearly 8,000 children are reported as abused or neglected. Every day, over 4,000 children are arrested, 180 for violent crimes, and 367 children for drug abuse. Over 17,000 children are suspended each day from school. Every ...

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The International Handbook of Children, Media and Culture

In many parts of the world, and for many decades, children have been early and avid adopters of new media. Indeed, they often challenge normative socio-cultural practices through the ways in which they use media. Yet, at the same time, many parents, educationalists and marketers consider that media permeate, even ...

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Handbook of Citizenship Studies

From women's rights, civil rights, and sexual rights for gays and lesbians to disability rights and language rights, we have experienced in the past few decades a major trend in Western nation-states towards new claims for inclusion. This trend has echoed around the world: from the Zapatistas to Chechen and ...

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Handbook of Clinical Interviewing with Adults

The Handbook of Clinical Interviewing With Adults and the companion Handbook of Clinical Interviewing With Children have been designed by the editors to be the most comprehensive work in the area published to date. Indeed, in our review of existing literature on interviewing we were not able to find any ...

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Handbook of Clinical Interviewing with Children

The Handbook of Clinical Interviewing With Children and the companion Handbook of Clinical Interviewing With Adults have been designed by the editors to be the most comprehensive work in the area published to date. Indeed, in our review of existing literature on interviewing, we were not able to find any ...

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Handbook of Cognition

This book aims to provide an overview of current theory and research in cognitive psychology. Of course, it is quite a challenge to capture the essence of such a large and active research area in a single volume. There is so much to be said about cognition and cognitive psychology ...

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Handbook of Cognitive Aging

Sometime in the next decade our species will reach a watershed moment. For the first time in human history, people over 60 will outnumber children. The pace with which population aging has occurred is stunning. In less than one century, scientific discoveries and technological advancements resulted in a near doubling ...

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Handbook of Collaborative Management Research

If Kurt Lewin was correct that the best way to understand something is to change it, then we ought to have a lot of opportunities to develop new understandings in our 21st-century world, with more on the way. The rate of change and the criticality of developing new knowledge about ...

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Handbook on Communicating and Disseminating Behavioral Science

Scientists have long tried, with varied success, to explain the value of their work and to help put their findings to some use. Since the World Wars, and especially since President Johnson promoted his Great Society vision for the nation, behavioral scientists in particular have tried to use science-based ...

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The Handbook of Communication Science

More than two decades have passed since publication of the Handbook of Communication Science's first edition. During this time, several handbooks addressing a variety of specific communication contexts and topical areas of communication inquiry have appeared on the communication research landscape. Given these developments, this seems to be an especially ...

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Encyclopedia of Communication Theory

Communication students frequently approach librarians seeking a source that will provide a ready summary of a particular theory or tradition. Communication scholars also occasionally need a good central reference for their teaching and research. This encyclopedia provides a one-stop source for theories and theoretical concepts and a relatively comprehensive overview ...

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21st Century Communication: A Reference Handbook

The discipline of communication has grown in popularity from the time professors of journalism and speech decided, in the mid-1960s, that the term communication was an excellent general descriptor for the theory and research that each group aspired to create. Over time, the two groups grew closer together and began ...

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Encyclopedia of Community

Community is a concept, an experience, and a central part of being human. It is a subject that touches every one of us, a subject so complex and interdisciplinary that it takes a work like this to provide the depth and breadth of information that students, scholars, information specialists, and ...

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The Handbook of Community Practice

The Handbook of Community Practice is the first volume in this field, encompassing community development, organizing, planning, and social change, and the first community practice text that provides in-depth treatment of globalization—including its impact on communities in the United States and in international development work. The Handbook is grounded in ...

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The SAGE Handbook of Comparative Politics

Comparative politics has firmly established itself as a significant, vibrant, and definitive tradition and field of inquiry in the discipline of political science. The field, at least as far as research and postgraduate teaching are concerned, has moved well beyond its early ‘public law’ phase of comparative institutionalism and its ...

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The Sage Handbook of Complexity and Management

Complexity is one of the fastest growing topics of research in the natural and social sciences. A new, transdisciplinary and paradigm-shifting science of complexity is emerging at the interstices between a diverse set of disciplines, challenging traditional disciplinary assumptions and boundaries. In the field of management and organization studies, the ...

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The SAGE Handbook of Conflict Communication

Conflict is a prevalent phenomenon of our lives (Thomas & Schmidt, 1976; Wilmot & Hocker, 2001). Conflict is “an expressed struggle between at least two interdependent parties who perceive incompatible goals, scarce resources, and interference from others in achieving their goals” (Wilmot & Hocker, 2001, p. 41). Turning on the ...

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The SAGE Handbook of Conflict Resolution

Conflict Resolution is a broad and fast growing academic field that needs to find its place in the world of disciplines. Although it is a relatively young focus of study, having begun to emerge as a specialized field only in the 1950s, when superpower conflict threatened the very existence of ...

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Encyclopedia of Consumer Culture

Consumer culture is a term used widely to describe a generic set of practices in which the consumption of goods and services seems to take on ever-expanding significance in contemporary societies. Because of its generic application, it is particularly tricky to define. This is not least because the key component ...

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Handbook of Contemporary Families

Whenever the calendar marks a significant change, such as a new year, a new decade, or, more notably, a new century or millennium, scholars and other social commentators take stock of the recent past. Such calendar changes also sometimes lead scholars to prognosticate about what the future is likely to ...

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Not long ago, the field now known as corrections was called penology. Literally, penology meant the scientific study of punishment. Then, as now, the word scientific was something of a misnomer, since any attempt to analyze or discuss punishment is fraught with social policy implications that do not lend ...

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Encyclopedia of Counseling

Counseling is a professional activity that involves helping clients, individually or in groups, or as couples and families, deal with various career, vocational, educational, and emotional problems. From the depressed and lonely college student to the business executive at midlife experiencing decreasing levels of career satisfaction to the couple where ...

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Courts, Law, and Justice

What makes an act a crime? “Thou shalt not kill” certainly does not apply to the law. One may kill in self defense, if under duress, or to protect your own property. Law enforcement officers and executioners may kill another human being, as can soldiers under orders. Furthermore, at a ...

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Crime and Criminal Behavior

Pick up any major daily city newspaper, or search its Website, and peruse the different sections looking for crime stories. You may be surprised at the vast array of behaviors that are incorporated under the category of crime. Of course there will be assaults, robberies, and occasionally murders and rapes ...

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Encyclopedia of Crime and Punishment

The terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, the spread of anthrax through the mail, and the constant threat of new attacks have given crime and punishment a new meaning. Words and phrases such as crime scene investigation, criminal profiling, bioterrorism, behavioral forensics, surveillance abuse, toxicology, and victim rights that most ...

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The Sage Handbook of Criminological Theory

A volume such as this must inevitably begin with a few explanatory words. We will come to what we take the term ‘theory’ to cover shortly. First, however, we must say something about what counts as a criminological theory or, at least, what has informed the choices lying behind the ...

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Encyclopedia of Criminological Theory

What causes crime? This seemingly simple question is dauntingly complex and, not surprisingly, has yielded answers so diverse and numerous as to fill two volumes of the Encyclopedia of Criminological Theory. The richness in the attempts to explain the origins of crime is, to a large extent, a direct function ...

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21st Century Criminology: A Reference Handbook

Criminology has experienced tremendous growth over the last few decades, which is evident, in part, by the widespread popularity and increased enrollment in criminology and criminal justice departments at the undergraduate and graduate levels, both across the United States and internationally. An evolutionary paradigmatic shift has accompanied this criminological surge ...

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The Handbook of Cross-Cultural Management Research

Renowned international experts Peter B. Smith, Mark F. Peterson, and David C. Thomas, editors of the The Handbook of Cross-Cultural Management, have drawn together scholars in the field of management from around the world to contribute vital information from their cross-national studies to this innovative, comprehensive tome. Chapters explore links ...

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The SAGE Handbook of Cultural Analysis

We hesitated for some time before finally settling on a title for this handbook. We were clear from the outset that we didn't want to call it a handbook of cultural studies - a term whose currency suggests theoretical allegiances of particular kinds and is too restrictive for the purpose ...

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Handbook of Cultural Geography

The Handbook of Cultural Geography is one of a series of handbooks published by Sage. For Sage these books represent the ‘state of the art’ in their specific fields, and they are pitched at an audience who have a degree of familiarity with the subject, but would like to know ...

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The SAGE Handbook of Curriculum and Instruction

The SAGE Handbook of Curriculum and Instruction is the first book in 15 years to comprehensively cover the field of curriculum and instruction. Editors F. Michael Connelly, Ming Fang He, and JoAnn Phillion, along with contributors from around the world, synthesize the diverse, real-world matters that define the field. This ...

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Encyclopedia of Curriculum Studies

During the past decades, much effort has been devoted to defining curriculum studies, an ever-changing academic field that at times proves amorphous and bewildering. In fact, few areas of education have so conscientiously scheduled symposia to ascertain the field's health and to suggest future directions. More than 75 presentations during ...

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Handbook of Death & Dying

Death, historically a topic of major social concern, has in recent decades become a phenomenon of even more relevance. Demographic trends portend a much-increased proportion of aged individuals in the U.S. population and an attendant increase in the number of terminal illnesses and death. Technological innovations such as organ transplants ...

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Encyclopedia of Death and the Human Experience

Humans are the only knowledge-accumulating animals. The history of humankind is fundamentally the history of, search for, acquisition of, and accumulation of knowledge. With accumulated knowledge, humans have been able to survive, endure, and prevail. With knowledge, they can adapt to the physical and objective world in which they live, ...

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The Sage Handbook of Developmental Disorders

Profound changes have occurred in the science and practice of intellectual disability over the past two decades. Apart from the change in terminology from ‘mental retardation’ to ‘intellectual disability’ (Schalock et al., 2007), progress in basic science and clinical practice has shifted the landscape— motivating us to commission leading scholars ...

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Encyclopedia of Disability

It has become a commonplace to claim that disability is on the rise in the modern world. Such recognition arrives as we and our families age and modern medicine ensures the viability of children who, only a few decades ago, would not have lived into adulthood. Those who sound this ...

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Handbook of Disability Studies

This path-breaking international handbook of disability studies signals the emergence of a vital new area of scholarship, social policy and activism. Drawing on the insights of disability scholars around the world and the creative advice of an international editorial board, the book engages the reader in the critical issues and ...

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Encyclopedia of Disaster Relief

We were asked by our nation's leaders to serve as the chair and vice chair of the commission investigating the "facts and circumstances relating to the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001." In July 2004, the 9/11 Commission issued its report and made 41 recommendations, including several that spoke to ...

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Encyclopedia of Distributed Learning

With the increasing acceptance of distributed education in both the public and private sectors, it seems timely to publish an Encyclopedia of Distributed Learning to capture the concepts and methods that reflect this phenomenon. We came to this project with great passion and many years of experience working within a ...

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Encyclopedia of Drug Policy

A variety of plant-based chemicals can influence human mood, perception, cognition, and behavior. The use of such psychoactive drugs, including alcohol, caffeine, the theobromine in chocolate, the theophylline in tea, nicotine, cannabis, coca, and opium, seems to be nearly coeval with human history, though few cultures made significant use of ...

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The SAGE Handbook of Dyslexia

This Handbook provides the most recent and relevant studies, debates and practices in the field of dyslexia. Essentially the Handbook aims to help the reader engage in the dyslexia debate from an informed perspective. For that reason we have included sections on the neurological and genetic areas; from the wider ...

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The SAGE Handbook of E-learning Research

The SAGE Handbook of e-Learning Research provides a state-of-the-art, in-depth account of research in the rapidly expanding field of e-learning. The first of its kind, it provides reviews of over 20 areas in e-learning research by experts in the field, and provides a critical account of the best work to ...

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Handbook of Early Childhood Literacy

The last two decades have been powerful ones for the study of early childhood literacy. In many countries, much more attention is being paid to the early years than previously, as politicians recognise just how vital is this period of life. Alongside increased political interest, although largely quite independent of ...

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The Sage Handbook of Economic Geography

Knowledge is always grounded in specific physical bodies and tangible artefacts, is always bloodied by its corporeal circumstances. In this way knowledge is always from somewhere. Furthermore, because it is always knowledge from somewhere, from one particular location, not all locations, it is necessarily partial knowledge. (Barnes, 1998: 100) ...

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21st Century Economics: A Reference Handbook

As I write this preface in mid-January 2009, interest in economics is at an all-time high. Among the challenges facing the nation is an economy with unemployment rates not experienced since the Great Depression, failures of major businesses and industries, and continued dependence on oil with its wildly fluctuating price. ...

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Education for children and adults with disabilities in the United States is rooted in a 200-year history, with a clear marker being the establishment in 1817 of the first school for persons with disabilities. In the decades since, societal attitudes about people with disabilities have been reflected in the availability ...

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The SAGE Handbook of Education for Citizenship and Democracy

Thirty years ago a handbook reviewing political socialization research through the mid-1970s was issued. The authors of the chapters were almost all political scientists from the US, and they were preoccupied with debating which agent of socialization was the most important. Was it the family, the peer group, the school, ...

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Encyclopedia of Education Law

A foreword is commonly assumed to be a brief introductory essay, usually written by someone other than the book's author or authors. As such, the intent of this foreword is to provide background information to help readers to better understand the nature of the Encyclopedia of Education Law and its ...

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21st Century Education: A Reference Handbook

American education is the cornerstone to the maintenance of our society—its safety, prosperity, health, and social good. More than 50 million students are enrolled in K-12 public education (U.S. Department of Education, 2007). The typical student spends approximately 1,000 hours in school every year, equating to almost 7,000 hours of ...

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The SAGE Handbook of Educational Action Research

This Handbook provides a scholarly source book, presenting and critiquing the main traditions of educational action research throughout the world. It contains chapters by well-established and respected scholars whose work has been seminal in building knowledge and expertise in the field, as well as new voices from areas less often ...

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The SAGE Handbook of Educational Leadership, First Edition

The SAGE Handbook of Educational Leadership is a landmark work with contributions from 37 internationally renowned scholars covering an extensive range of issues confronting the field of educational leadership and administration. The Handbook reviews how leadership was redefined by management and organizational theory in its quest to become scientific, then ...

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The Sage Handbook of Educational Leadership, Second Edition

The patterns of conflict, contradiction, and change about educational leadership in the 21st century are becoming clearer than when the first SAGE Handbook of Educational Leadership was published in 2005. The continued din and public testimonies about the need for effective leaders in the schools echoes from nearly all quarters ...

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Encyclopedia of Educational Leadership and Administration

The Encyclopedia of Educational Leadership and Administration was an enormous undertaking. After 2 years of work, over 260 professors, graduate students, practitioners, and association officials contributed more than 600 individual entries. The authors came from 125 universities, colleges, school districts, organizations, and associations in 36 states and several provinces of ...

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Encyclopedia of Educational Psychology

Educational psychology is a special field of endeavor because it strives to apply what is known about many different disciplines to the broad process of education. In the most general terms, you can expect to find topics in this area that fall into the categories of human learning and development ...

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Encyclopedia of Educational Reform and Dissent

Educational reform, and to a lesser extent educational dissent, occupies a prominent place in the annals of American education. Whether based on religious, cultural, social, philosophical, or pedagogical grounds, educational reform and dissent have been ever-present in our educational history. At present there exist various forms of privatization, school choice ...

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Handbook of Emotional & Behavioural Difficulties

The behaviour of children in primary and secondary schools has been a consistent source of interest and controversy since the 19th century. Some commentators suggest that the phenomenon has a far more impressive historical pedigree. As education systems in First World democracies struggle to meet changing social, economic and educational ...

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Encyclopedia of Environment and Society

Where Does The environment leave off and society begin? If the major crises and curiosities of the early 21st century are any indication, it would be foolish to attempt to demark any such boundary. When expanding production and consumption drives greenhouse gas emissions that warm the planet, which in turn ...

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The SAGE Handbook of Environment and Society

It is only in recent decades that the concepts associated with sustainability have come into more common use. Environmental concerns began to develop in the 1960s, and were particularly driven by Rachel Carson's book Silent Spring and the publicity surrounding it (Carson, 1963). Like other popular and scientific studies at ...

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Encyclopedia of Epidemiology

Epidemiology is the study of the frequency and determinants of morbidity and mortality in populations. Besides being a discipline in its own right, the science of epidemiology is one of the foundational sciences of public health and of evidence-based medicine. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimate that ...

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The SAGE Handbook of European Studies

The introduction to a book that calls itself a ‘Handbook of European Studies’ might be concerned with justifying its existence, explaining why European studies is important, and drawing attention to the ways in which the book illuminates the subject in an innovative way, redefines the field of study, or challenges ...

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Handbook of European Union Politics

A volume that is self-advertised as a ‘handbook’ requires some justification. ‘Handbook’ is suggestive of a claim to some sort of authority. It further connotes a manual or a one-stop guide to its subject. The organization and compilation of a handbook for an academic field is a risky enterprise, not ...

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Encyclopedia of Evaluation

The Encyclopedia of Evaluation is a who, what, where, how, and why of evaluation. Evaluation is a profession, a practice, a discipline—and it has developed and continues to develop through the ideas and work of evaluators and evaluation theorists working in real places with high hopes for social improvement. Each ...

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Handbook of Families & Poverty

The Handbook of Families and Poverty: Interdisciplinary Perspectives is intended to discuss the most recent research and issues related to this important topic for families. It is interdisciplinary in nature, beginning with a marriage and family therapist and a sociologist as the co-editors. The contributors represent a broad number of ...

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Encyclopedia of Family Health

Even though discussions of health conditions (e.g., diabetes) occurring in families are common, the relationship of these conditions to family context and to the family unit is too often left unstated. A major reference is needed to provide that relationship. The concept of the Encyclopedia of Family Health originated from ...

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Handbook of Feminist Family Studies

Over the past three decades, feminist theory, research, and praxis have had a significant impact on the field of family studies. Feminist family scholars have generated new theories, methodologies, and practices regarding how women, men, children, youth, and older adults relate in families and society. Feminists demanded that family studies ...

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The SAGE Handbook of Film Studies

The sober but brave ambition of this volume, which for the editors turned out to be more hubristic than it sounds, is to offer a reasonably comprehensive overview of the state of Film Studies as an intellectual field towards the end of the first decade of the twenty-first century. Our ...

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The SAGE Handbook of Gender and Communication

The SAGE Handbook of Gender and Communication is a vital resource for those seeking to explore the complex interactions of gender and communication. Editors Bonnie J. Dow and Julia T. Wood, together with an illustrious group of contributors, review and evaluate the state of the gender and communication field through ...

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The SAGE Handbook of Gender and Education

The SAGE Handbook of Gender and Education brings together leading scholars on gender and education to provide an up-to-date and broad-ranging guide to the field. It is a comprehensive overview of different theoretical positions on equity issues in schools. The contributions cover all sectors of education from early years to ...

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Encyclopedia of Gender and Society

We are continually and inescapably immersed in gender, so much so that we take it for granted without fully realizing its impact on our lives. As gender scholar Judith Lorber once remarked, talking about gender is like fish talking about water. When a child is born, the first question we ...

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Gender and Women's Leadership: A Reference Handbook

When I first was approached by SAGE about my willingness to undertake this project, my initial thought was “What a great idea!” I recently had contributed to George Goethals, Georgia Sorenson, and James Burns's four-volume Encyclopedia of Leadership. I believed that the time was right to develop such a resource ...

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Handbook of Gender and Women's Studies

Gender and women's studies is one of the most challenging fields within the social sciences – the dynamics of gender relations and the social and cultural implications of gender constructions offer a lively forum of debate. ...

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Encyclopedia of Geographic Information Science

Geographic information science is an information science focusing on the collection, modeling, management, display, and interpretation of geographic data. It is an integrative field, combining concepts, theories, and techniques from a wide range of disciplines, allowing new insights and innovative synergies for increased understanding of our world. By incorporating spatial ...

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The Sage Handbook of Geographical Knowledge

This Handbook provides an opportunity to think critically about how geography as a field of knowledge, not so much as a restraining discipline with fusty conventions but as a rich set of intellectual traditions producing new knowledge with reworked concepts, has emerged and fared over the course of its modern ...

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Encyclopedia of Geography

Long misunderstood by the general public as an elementary field limited to drawing boundaries and memorizing capital cities, contemporary geography exhibits, in contrast, a fecund, robust, and increasingly sophisticated understanding of the world. Previously confined to the margins of academia and earning little respect, geography in the past four decades ...

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21st Century Geography: A Reference Handbook

Welcome to 21st Century Geography: A Reference Handbook. As a discipline, geography spans the centuries. As a dynamic discipline, geography is ushering in the 21st century with vitality and purpose. The chapters in this handbook are written by geographers and people engaged with geographic research and professional work. Each chapter ...

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The Sage Handbook of Geomorphology

The word geomorphology, which means literally ‘to write about (Greek logos) the shape or form (morphe) of the earth (ge)’, first appeared in 1858 in the German literature (Laumann,1858; see Roglic, 1972, Tinkler,1985). The term was referred to in 1866 by Emmanuel de Margerie as ‘la géomorpholgie’ it first appeared ...

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Encyclopedia of Giftedness, Creativity, and Talent

For many years, the study of giftedness, creativity, and talent was of concern to a small community of scholars in psychology and education. Now, however, the nature of intelligence, the sources of innovation, and the ways of nurturing special abilities have become topics of great interest to a wide variety ...

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The Sage Handbook of GIS and Society

‘Society’, in the general sense of the term, means ‘a community, nation, or broad grouping of people having common traditions, institutions, and collective activities and interests, or more specifically an enduring and cooperating social group whose members have developed organized patterns of relationships through interaction with one another’ (Merriam-Webster Dictionary, ...

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Encyclopedia of Global Health

The contemporary understanding of global health is complicated and extends to all ends of the Earth and beyond. From the health effects of global warming to the implications of single nucleotide differences on disease, the factors that impact global health are extremely diverse and are changing constantly. As new scientific ...

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Handbook of Global Supply Chain Management

This book is the work of many people besides the authors, and they all deserve recognition. First, the many scholars who went before us and thought and wrote about global supply chain management provided invaluable insights for this book. In fact, the original idea for writing this book came from ...

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Encyclopedia of Global Warming and Climate Change

PLANET EARTH HAS become the concern of everyone. The activities of conservation biologists are now of interest to economists and political scientists who wish to find out whether certain environmental problems are best solved by regulations or market forces. Businesspeople, government officials, and politicians have become involved in science. ...

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Encyclopedia of Governance

The language of governance has spread rapidly in the last thirty years. It describes changes in the nature and role of the state—a shift from bureaucracy to markets and networks. It also denotes a program for global reform—addressingpoverty, genderequality, fairtrade, and sustainable environments. ...

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The Sage Handbook of Governance

The SAGE Handbook of Governance completes what I think of as a set of texts prepared for SAGE in an attempt to illuminate the contours and shadows of the vast literature that has arisen recently and rapidly on governance. Key Concepts in Governance (2009) used an overview of the ...

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Green Business

Over the past 40 years, there has been a dramatic transformation in the way businesses have addressed environmental issues. In response to the enactment of national legislation to control the pollution of the air, water, and land, corporations responded by cutting the most egregious end-of-the-pipe emissions and increasing attention to ...

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Green Cities

In 2008 humans shifted from a mostly rural to a mostly urban habitat. Cities worldwide are expected to take in all of the growing population over the next several decades, plus additional rural migrants, so that by 2050, according to the United Nations, the number of people living in urban ...

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Green Consumerism

Perhaps no change has been more evident over the last century than the growth of consumer society. Though the chronology of the emergence of consumer society is much debated, it is generally accepted that its rapid expansion has been a 20th-century phenomenon. The rise of the advertising and marketing industries; ...

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Green Culture: An A-to-Z Guide

Culture can be a rather slippery concept to define—something that seems to bleed into almost all aspects of our social lives. It can seem to be everywhere at once, and thus may be nowhere at all. Culture is a set of common human practices (like saying “bless you” after someone ...

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Green Education: An A-to-Z Guide

John Muir in 1911 acknowledged in his writings entitled My First Summer in the Sierra, “When we tug at a single thing in nature, we find it attached to the rest of the world.” A century ago, Muir ever so succinctly captured what now lies at the core of the ...

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Green Energy

All human activities rely on transformations of energy. Energy, the ability to change a system, constitutes everything from human metabolism to how humans move about the planet. On Earth most of the energy we encounter originates from solar activity, with the exception of relatively smaller amounts of gravitational and internal ...

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Green Ethics and Philosophy: An A-to-Z Guide

The discussion about the consequences of human impacts on the environment is as old as civilization. Obtaining clean water and keeping water sources clean for continued supply is a human concern as old and fundamental as obtaining food and shelter. Ancient cultures had to deal with the effect of the ...

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Green Food

Our food and agricultural systems have undergone a tremendous change in the 20th century. Less common now are the pastoral ways in which we have come to imagine agriculture, such as the images found on a milk carton. Agriculture and the food system have become thoroughly industrialized and increasingly globalized. ...

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Green Health: An A-to-Z Guide

“Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.” This definition of health, adopted by 61 countries at the inception of the World Health Organization (WHO), has not been modified since 1948. It is difficult to argue against an ...

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Green Issues and Debates: An A-to-Z Guide

Debates over how best to provide for our needs while conserving the environment are not new. Even so, with the growing urgency of environmental problems, and the promise of new technologies, these debates come into sharper focus. Biotechnology has the potential to transform modern living but at what cost? How ...

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Green Politics

A hallmark of the past 100 years or so is the greening of political thought and practice. Today there are green political parties, green products, and green political institutions, all of which show how our decisions to organize, consume, and contribute are infused with green politics. Green politics has grown ...

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Green Technology: An A-to-Z Guide

What sets humans apart from other living organisms on our planet is the use of technology. Technology's etymology derives from the Greek root techne, which means craft or art, and the root -ology conveys a discipline or field of study. We use technology to grow and prepare food, clothe and ...

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Encyclopedia of Group Processes & Intergroup Relations

Scarcely anyone would quarrel with the assertion that humans are social animals or with the corollary assumption that, in order to understand people's thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, it is necessary to understand the role that groups play in human affairs. We all are members of large social categories based on ...

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Encyclopedia of Health & Aging

There are at least three major encyclopedias in the field of aging, all of them general and comprehensive. This new encyclopedia is focused more on health and, as such, is aimed at assisting researchers, students, and practitioners working in the fields of medicine, nursing, epidemiology, public health, health services, and ...

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Encyclopedia of Health and Behavior

The field of health and behavior addresses the interaction of behavioral, psychological, emotional, social, cultural, and biological factors with physical health outcomes, such as heart disease, cancer, arthritis, diabetes, and chronic pain. The core philosophy of the field of health and behavior is threefold: (1) Behavioral, psychological, emotional, social, cultural, ...

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Health and Medicine

People with disabilities are a large and growing sector of the world's population that need medical care, healthcare facilities, and public health services. Disabilities are very broad in scope and include such conditions as birth defects, developmental disabilities, behavior/learning problems, substance abuse, injuries, chronic diseases, and mental disorders. Some individuals ...

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The Sage Handbook of Health Care Ethics: Core and Emerging Issues

One of the most exciting recent developments in health care ethics is the way that the issues are becoming more international. Discussions about cloning, organ transplantation, reproductive health and health research are now regularly discussed by scholars, governments, advocacy groups, the media and the public in countries around the world. ...

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Encyclopedia of Health Care Management

What is the relevance of an Encyclopedia of Health Care Management? Why do patients, physicians, other providers, employees of health care providers, students of health care, and consumers of health care insurance need to understand the business and management issues in the health care industry? ...

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The SAGE Handbook of Health Psychology

The SAGE Handbook of Health Psychology represents a landmark work in the field, gathering together, in a single volume, contributions from an internationally renowned group of scholars. It provides a definitive, one-stop, authoritative guide to the major themes and debates in health psychology, both past and present, and should in ...

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Encyclopedia of Health Services Research

There is a critical paradox at the very heart of modern healthcare. Today, as never before, healthcare has the ability to save lives and enhance the duration and quality of life. Advances in healthcare such as open-heart surgery, organ transplants, and test-tube babies stand at the forefront of human endeavor. ...

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The SAGE Handbook of Healthcare

Healthcare spending in the United States was over $2 trillion in 2006 and accounts for roughly 16% of gross domestic product (GDP). In addition, the health sector directly employs nearly 14 million Americans. Many of these people are among the most educated and skilled people in U.S. society. While the ...

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Handbook of Historical Sociology

What is important in historical sociology? What are the main routes of development in the subject? ...

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Encyclopedia of Homelessness

There is nothing new about homelessness. There have been homeless people for some 10,000 years—from the time when humans built their first permanent homes in the first towns of the Fertile Crescent. The historical record, novels and poems, and sacred texts tell us the stories of beggars, wandering ascetics, penniless ...

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The SAGE Handbook of Hospitality Management

The commissioning of this Handbook imposed a responsibility to produce a volume on the ‘state of the art’ of hospitality management, a not unproblematic task. As we shall discuss in this Introduction, the whole area of ‘hospitality management’ is volatile, complex, controversial and increasingly and frequently contested-contested within the subject ...

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Encyclopedia of Human Development

The field of human development focuses on the growth and development of the human being, including physical, social, psychological, and emotional development from conception through death. Under the broad umbrella of the term human development are found countless topics, many of which are explored in this encyclopedia. In addition, as ...

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Encyclopedia of Human Geography

Human geography over the past decade has undergone a conceptual and methodological renaissance that has transformed it into the most dynamic and innovative of the social sciences. Geography, especially human geography, long suffered from a negative popular reputation (particularly in the United States) as a trivial discipline with little analytical ...

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Encyclopedia of Human Relationships

Although lay people and scholars alike have been interested in human relationships since at least the beginning of recorded history, it is only in the past 3 decades, with the emergence of what has come to be called Relationship Science, that systematic attention across diverse disciplines has kindled tremendous growth ...

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The SAGE Handbook of Human Resource Management

The field of HRM continues to evolve in today’s organizations, in part due to the economic, technological, and social realities that influence the nature of business. In a global economy, a wide range of factors—that vary from global sourcing and labor arbitrage to regional trade agreements and labor standards to ...

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The Handbook of Human Resource Management Education

The Handbook of Human Resource Management Education, the first handbook written on HRM education in the United States, clears up the confusion about the nature, content, and source of human resource management expertise. Stressing the importance of effective educational requirements to prepare students to work as professionals in the HRM ...

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The Handbook of Humanistic Psychology

WE LIVE IN A TIME of enormous and pervasive change and challenge—a time of “raging chaos.” It is clear that our old ways of being and doing no longer work and that our old myths neither hold our allegiance nor hold promise for solving our problems. As Albert Einstein once ...

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The Sage Handbook of Identities

Identity entered the social sciences and humanities as a core concept in the 1950s (Gleason, 1983). Over the last 60 years it has become one of the most widely used terms in the social sciences and humanities appearing in the titles of many thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of ...

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Encyclopedia of Identity

There is nothing more daily, sustained, and sociopolitically charged than our identities. The incontrovertible reality is that identities are the markers by which we live. They expose how we are positioned and perceived in society. The media industry is built on the presumption that whatever is visually or aurally presented ...

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Encyclopedia of Immigration and Migration in the American West

The American West is a vast landscape, larger than Western Europe and ranging across geographic variations from deserts and mountains to fertile valleys and swift rivers. This great and varied landmass became home to successive waves of immigrants who, over ten thousand years, shaped it and were shaped by it. ...

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Handbook of Implicit Cognition and Addiction

Most research on cognitive processes and drug abuse has focused on theories and methods of explicit cognition, asking people directly to introspect about the causes of their behavior. However, it may be questioned to what extent such methods reflect fundamental aspects of human cognition and motivation. In response to this ...

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Encyclopedia of Industrial and Organizational Psychology

Psychology is the scientific study of the human mind and behavior. Industrial/organizational (I/O) psychologists focus the lens of psychological science on a key aspect of human life, namely, their work lives. In general, the goals of I/O psychology are to better understand and optimize the effectiveness, health, and well-being of ...

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The SAGE Handbook of Industrial Relations

The purpose of this Handbook is to provide readers with an overview of current knowledge from Industrial Relations scholarship, and consider what issues and questions still need to be addressed. The scope of the different contributions is testament to a subject area that has broadened its perspective far beyond what ...

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Handbook of Industrial, Work & Organizational Psychology - Volume 1

From scientific management to human relations movement, from cottage industries to craft guilds, from the industrial age to the informational society, the issues that have dominated the field of Industrial, Work and Organizational (IWO) Psychology have changed over the years. In the 21st century, IWO Psychology is becoming a global ...

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Handbook of Industrial, Work & Organizational Psychology - Volume 2

Work in the 21st century requires new understanding in organizational behaviour; how individuals interact together to get work done. This volume brings together research on essential topics such as motivation, job satisfaction, leadership, compensation, organizational justice, communication, intra- and inter-team functioning, judgement and decision-making, organizational development and change. Psychological insights ...

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The SAGE Handbook of International Marketing

Research in international marketing has evolved over the years, and has always reflected the climate of the time. Three major changes that have taken place in the last decade or so should be noted. First, the landscape of the global economy changed drastically in the last decade or so. The ...

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Handbook of International Relations

The beginning of a new millennium is a particularly fitting occasion for taking stock of the past achievements and present condition of International Relations (IR). However, there is an additional reason as well, and one with considerable more intellectual clout: the surprising dearth of such attempts at stocktaking within this ...

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The Handbook of International School Psychology

The Handbook of International School Psychology provides a description of the specialty of psychology devoted to the global provision of services to children and youth, their teachers, and parents. Editors Shane R. Jimerson, Thomas D. Oakland, and Peter T. Farrell have brought together prominent authors from 43 countries to provide ...

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Encyclopedia of Interpersonal Violence

Interpersonal violence is behavior by people that intentionally threatens, attempts, or actually inflicts harm on other people. This violence invades both the public and private spheres of our lives, many times in unexpected and frightening ways. Interpersonal violence is a problem that individuals may experience at any point during the ...

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The Sage Handbook of Islamic Studies

What are the concerns of Islamic scholars today? This compendium of articles from outstanding scholars throughout the world presents a wide-ranging series of issues and developments in Islamic Studies, in order to profile the ‘state of the art’ in the discipline. The chapters are subdivided into five groups. First, Islam ...

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Encyclopedia of Journalism

Daily, hourly, and moment-to-moment journalism permeates nearly everyone's life. In ways most of us take for granted, journalism shapes perceptions of local communities and the world. Whether one tunes into National Public Radio's Morning Edition or NBC's Today show, follows news events on Internet sites, or reads a daily newspaper ...

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Juvenile Crime and Justice

In this volume, authors address various topics pertaining to juvenile crime and justice. while varying in their specific discussion topics, many of the articles share common links, which typify the points of contention in the juvenile criminal justice system. Each author presents arguments in favor of various programs, treatments, ...

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Encyclopedia of Juvenile Justice

We hope we have risen to the challenge of the Encyclopedia of Juvenile Justice in producing a mix of historical works, current perspectives, people, and ideas related to the field of juvenile justice. We are confident, at least, that the entries will invite comments and generate a lively debate. One ...

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Encyclopedia of Law & Society: American and Global Perspectives

Two aspects of scholarship about the legal systems of our day strike me as especially salient. The first is that, for the first time, there is a fair amount of genuine research on these legal systems. European scholars have for a long time talked about “legal science” (Rechtswissenschaft). The term ...

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Encyclopedia of Law and Higher Education

Brown v. Board of Education, Topeka (1954), wherein the U.S. Supreme Court initiated an era of equal educational opportunities by striking down racial segregation in public schools, certainly is the Court's most significant case on schooling. Even so, it is interesting to note that the Court's first case involving schooling ...

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Encyclopedia of Law Enforcement

Security is now and has always been the primary function of government. All societies require some form of law enforcement capability to function effectively. Throughout history, governments of all types have relied on either public police agencies or informal means to effect conformity to social norms, standards, and laws. Given ...

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Encyclopedia of Leadership

The creation of an encyclopedia is a true sign of the coming of age of a new and significant field of study. The publication during the eighteenth century of France's celebrated Encyclopédie not only reflected the rise of the Enlightenment but testified to the remarkable progress of the West in ...

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Leadership in Nonprofit Organizations: A Reference Handbook

When the editors at SAGE Publications approached me nearly 4 years ago to describe a new leadership handbook series they hoped to develop and to ask if I might be interested in serving as a series consulting editor, I was intrigued. From the viewpoint of a librarian who has ...

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Leadership in Science and Technology: A Reference Handbook

When the editors at SAGE Publications approached me nearly 4 years ago to describe a new leadership handbook series they hoped to develop and to ask if I might be interested in serving as a series consulting editor, I was intrigued. From the viewpoint of a librarian who has worked ...

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Handbook of Lesbian and Gay Studies

With this benchmark work, lesbian and gay studies come of age. Drawing from a rich team of global contributors, and carefully structured to elucidate the core issues in the field, theHandbook of Lesbian and Gay Studies constitutes an unparalleled resource for teaching, research, and debate. ...

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The Encyclopedia of Libertarianism

Libertarianism is a major feature of intellectual and political life as we enter the first years of the new century. It is at one and the same time a movement in politics, a recognized philosophy, and a set of distinctive policy prescriptions. As such, libertarianism, and the individuals who espouse ...

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The SAGE Handbook of Management Learning, Education and Development

I have been ‘professing’ management within universities and through executive development programs for almost half a century. I offer two observations out of this experience in support of the importance of this Handbook. The first is this: ...

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21st Century Management: A Reference Handbook

21st Century Management provides clear and useful discussion by scholars from around the world of 100 of the key issues and topics that managers are confronting in the 21st century. The structure of discourse for each issue, and important associated perspectives and research, is concisely and meaningfully presented. New technologies, ...

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Handbook of Marketing

The Handbook of Marketing presents a major retrospective and prospective overview of the field of marketing, and provides a landmark reference at a time when many of the traditional boundaries and domains within the marketing discipline have been subject to change. ...

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The Handbook of Marketing Research

The Handbook of Marketing Research: Uses, Misuses, and Future Advances comprehensively explores the approaches for delivering market insights for fact-based decision making in a market-oriented firm. Divided into four parts, the Handbook addresses (1) the different nuances of delivering insights; (2) quantitative, qualitative, and online data gathering techniques; (3) basic ...

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Handbook of Marketing Scales, Third Edition

Most of the measures summarized in this third edition were originally published in marketing journals and marketing-related conference proceedings. In addition, the social and applied psychology, management, and organizational behavior literatures, as well as several books, contributed measures to this volume. We again would like to thank all the ...

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Handbook of Material Culture

Studies of material culture have undergone a profound transformation during the past twenty years and are now among the most dynamic and wide-ranging areas of contemporary scholarship in the human sciences. This is reflected in an impressive volume of research activity, and a flood of books, edited collections, review articles ...

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Encyclopedia of Measurement and Statistics

It's an interesting paradox when an important subject, which can help us make sense of our busy, everyday world, is considered very difficult to approach. Such is the case with measurement and statistics. However, this does not necessarily have to be the case, and we believe that the Encyclopedia of ...

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The SAGE Handbook of Media Studies

Media and communication research is a diverse and stimulating field of inquiry, not only in subject matter but also in purposes and methodologies. Over the past twenty years, and in step with the contemporary shift toward trans-disciplinarity, Media Studies has rapidly developed a very significant body of theory and evidence. ...

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Encyclopedia of Medical Decision Making

Healthcare decisions affect all of us, whether on a personal, professional, or societal level. We are human, as are all decision makers, and so are blessed and bound by the resources and limitations of the human mind. We cannot predict the future perfectly; we cannot arrange all positive and negative ...

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The SAGE Handbook of Mental health and Illness

We are grateful to all the contributors of this Handbook and hope that its readers find the chapters useful, informative and stimulating. Although not an exhaustive list of topics are covered (our field of interest is very broad and virtually unending), enough are available in the following pages to mirror ...

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The Handbook of Mentoring at Work

A little over 20 years ago, the first seeds of mentoring research were planted in a foundational book: Mentoring at Work (Kram, 1985). More than 20 years of research and exploration in the field of mentoring have now passed, and it is time for us to step back and assess ...

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The SAGE Handbook of Methods in Social Psychology

The genius of social psychology as a field has been its ability to investigate the seemingly unstudiable, complex behaviors that characterize humans as social creatures. The field has a rich history of methodological innovation with strong contributions to basic and applied research. However, it is sometimes difficult for both new ...

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SAGE Sourcebook of Modern Biomedical Devices: Business Environments

This reference work is both important and unique. Its uniqueness is that it ties together the commercial aspects of the performance of major biomedical devices available today on the global market, with the technological development of these devices that is the core of the research efforts in the field. The ...

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Encyclopedia of Motherhood

In 1976, author Adrienne Rich wrote, “We know more about the air we breathe, the seas we travel, than about the nature and meaning of motherhood.” By 1998, some 20 years after the publication of Rich's landmark Of Woman Born, many academic disciplines, from anthropology to women's studies, were engaged ...

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Handbook of Multicultural Measures

The present handbook provides a summary of some of the best multicultural instrumentation, theorizing, and research in the social, behavioral, and health-related fields. Based on our inclusion criteria, summarized in Chapter 1, this text offers a fairly comprehensive compendium of empirically supported multicultural instrumentation that spans the following measurement ...

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Encyclopedia of Multicultural Psychology

The study of multicultural psychology has a long and multifaceted history. The field encompasses a wide range of subdisciplines within psychology and includes a multitude of populations both within and outside of the United States. Early efforts to examine issues relevant to people of color in psychology often attempted to ...

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Encyclopedia of Murder and Violent Crime

Violence is globally pervasive and represents ethnic, racial, religious, and geopolitical disparities. History is replete with mass murders, genocides, and ethnic cleansings, all holocausts in their own right. Indeed, there are universal explanations for murder that are expressed through cultural filters. In general terms, people kill others as a result ...

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Encyclopedia of Nanoscience and Society

In the early years of the 21st century, nanoscience and nanotechnology have captured a fair share of attention in many quarters. Government agencies channel billions of dollars to nanoscience research and nanotechnology development in the hope of generating cures for disease, sources of clean energy, weapons of power and refinement, ...

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The SAGE Handbook of Nations and Nationalism

Nationalism has long excited debate in political, social, and cultural theory and remains a key field of enquiry among historians, anthropologists, sociologists, as well as political scientists. It is also one of the critical media issues of our time. There are, however, surprisingly few volumes that bring together the best ...

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The SAGE Handbook of New Approaches in Management and Organization

It was in the cafes of Wellington, New Zealand, where we first began to talk about assembling a text with all the theoretical and conceptual approaches that don't get coverage in mainstream texts or PhD-level courses. Our goal was to provide an alternative and fresh set of possibilities around management ...

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The Handbook of New Media

Thoroughly revised and updated, this Student Edition of the successful Handbook of New Media has been abridged to showcase the best of the hardback edition. This Handbook sets out boundaries of new media research and scholarship and provides a definitive statement of the current state-of-the-art of the field. Covering major ...

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Encyclopedia of New Media

What is new media? There is no single answer to be given. Even old media were once new, to borrow Carolyn Marvin's observation, and new media are constantly changing and evolving. In truth, the question itself is a shorthand way of asking more than one thing (one might call it ...

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The SAGE Handbook of Nonverbal Communication

Putting together any Handbook is daunting. The challenge of creating an edited volume is enhanced further when the research area is interdisciplinary, as is the study of nonverbal cues. We decided that the focus should be on communication and not the entire spectrum of research concerned with nonverbal behavior. Over ...

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Encyclopedia of Obesity

IN MEDICAL TERMS, obesity is defined simply as an excess amount of adipose or fat tissue. The terms adipose and obesity both have their origins in Latin. Adipose stems from adeps, meaning fat, while obesity comes from the Latin—obesus—which, in turn, is a contraction of two Latin words, ob and ...

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International Encyclopedia of Organization Studies

Organization studies—the examination of how individuals construct organizational structures, processes, and practices and how these, in turn, shape social relations and create institutions that ultimately influence people—has matured along multiple fronts. As early as the 1950s, many scholars were convinced that the new science of organizations needed only more quantification ...

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The SAGE Handbook of Organization Studies

In the first version of this Handbook we stated our intentions to provide a map for researchers to navigate their way around organization studies. In so doing, we used various criteria to help us decide which subjects to include in the volume: both old and new, mainstream and peripheral, normal ...

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Handbook of Organizational and Managerial Wisdom

In November 2002, a renowned organizational consultant made the following comment to me: “I refuse to play the expert role. Playing the expert role leads to arguments and people pitting facts against facts. I play the sage role. When they ask a question, I tell a story.” ...

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The SAGE Handbook of Organizational Behavior: Volume I - Micro Approaches

As we move into the 21st century, we are witnessing enormous changes in the workplace that deeply affect the people that work in them, such as changes in how, when, where, and with whom they work. In addition, workforce characteristics are changing in terms of how young employees start working ...

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The SAGE Handbook of Organizational Behavior: Volume II - Macro Approaches

Most research in organizational behavior is micro in focus, betraying the deep embed-dedness of the discourse in psychology, the study of individuals. Thus, the distinctive feature of micro-organizational behavior is that it is the study of the behavior of individuals and groups in the organization, as seen from a psychological ...

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International Handbook of Organizational Crisis Management

Organizational crisis management once occurred as little more than a gut reaction in the heat of an incident. The first employee to see smoke in the refinery sounded the fire bell; the first supervisor to see damaged components in the assembly line replaced them; the first employee to reach the ...

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The SAGE Handbook of Organizational Discourse

An increasingly significant body of management literature is applying discursive forms of analysis to a range of organizational issues. This emerging arena of research is not only important in providing new insights into processes of organizing, it has also informed and influenced the broader fields of organizational and management studies. ...

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The SAGE Handbook of Organizational Institutionalism

The motivation for this Handbook arose from a conversation with Don Palmer, who raised the question of whether organization theories in general have life cycles. Given the proliferation of theoretical paradigms, do organization theories build into coherent conceptual frameworks supported by diligently conducted empirical work, or do they fragment into ...

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Handbook of Parenting

Parenting, as a process, is as old as humanity. While parenting is not rocket science, it is probably the most overwhelming and important endeavour many of us undertake in our lifetime. It would be reasonable to expect that so primordial an activity would have accumulated implicit knowledge and explicit practice ...

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Handbook of Party Politics

The Handbook is designed to: provide an invaluable survey of the major theories and approaches in this dynamic area of study and research give students and researchers a concise 'road map' to the core literatures in all the sub-fields of party related theorizing and research identify the theories, approaches and ...

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Encyclopedia of Perception

The field of perception is concerned with explaining the operation of the senses and the experiences and behaviors resulting from stimulation of the senses. The senses are vision, hearing, the cutaneous senses (touch, pain, tickle, itch), chemical senses (taste, smell, flavor), proprioception and kinesthesia (awareness of body positions and limb ...

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The SAGE Handbook of Performance Studies

The SAGE Handbook of Performance Studies brings together, in a single volume, discussions of the major research in performance studies and identifies directions for further investigation. It is the only comprehensive collection on the theories, methods, politics, and practices of performance relating to life and culture. Edited by D. Soyini ...

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The SAGE Handbook of Personality Theory and Assessment: Volume 1 - Personality Theories and Models

This brand new Handbook of Personality Theory and Assessment 2-Volume Set constitutes an essential resource for shaping the future of the scientific foundation of personality research, measurement, and practice. There is need for an up-to-date and international Handbook that reviews the major contemporary personality models Vol. 1 and associated psychometric ...

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The SAGE Handbook of Personality Theory and Assessment: Volume 2 - Personality Measurement and Testing

This brand new Handbook of Personality Theory and Assessment 2-Volume Set constitutes an essential resource for shaping the future of the scientific foundation of personality research, measurement, and practice. There is need for an up-to-date and international Handbook that reviews the major contemporary personality models Vol. 1 and associated psychometric ...

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The Sage Handbook of Philosophy of Education

The SAGE Handbook of the Philosophy of Education is designed primarily to be useful to students studying the philosophy of education in the context of the study of educational foundations or theory. It is also designed to be of use to practising teachers who wish to gain easy access ...

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Handbook of Physical Education

The curriculum historian Ivor Goodson (1988) has argued that school subjects and university disciplines are social constructs rather than naturally occurring phenomena. What he means by this is that fields of study would not exist but for contestation and struggle among and between vying groups and individuals over resources of ...

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Handbook of Physiological Research Methods in Health Psychology

The field of health psychology has exploded in the last decade due to progress identifying physiological mechanisms by which psychological, social, and behavioral factors can put people's health and well-being at risk. ...

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Encyclopedia of Play in Today's Society

Children and adults spend a great deal of time in activities we think of as “play,” including games, sports, and hobbies. Without thinking about it very deeply, almost everyone would agree that such activities are fun, relaxing, and entertaining. However, as anthropologists, philosophers, psychologists, and other social thinkers have studied ...

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Police and Law Enforcement

Policing as we know it in the United States today is a relatively new phenomenon. Initially, police were established in England as what was known as a constabulary. Their job was to settle disputes on the spot, not to make arrests. “Keeping the peace” was of paramount importance, not enforcing ...

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The SAGE Handbook of Political Advertising

The SAGE Handbook of Political Advertising provides a comprehensive view of the role political advertising plays in democracies around the world. Editors Lynda Lee Kaid and Christina Holtz-Bacha, along with an international group of contributors, examine the differences as well as the similarities of political advertising in established and evolving ...

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Political and Civic Leadership

When the editors at SAGE Publications approached me nearly 4 years ago to describe a new leadership handbook series they hoped to develop and to ask if I might be interested in serving as a series consulting editor, I was intrigued. From the viewpoint of a librarian who has worked ...

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Encyclopedia of Political Communication

Political communication began with the earliest studies of democratic discourse by Aristotle and Plato. However, modern political communication relies on an interdisciplinary base that draws on concepts from communication, political science, journalism, sociology, psychology, history, rhetoric, and others. This encyclopedia considers political communication from that broad interdisciplinary perspective, encompassing the ...

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The SAGE Handbook of Political Geography

Geographical perspectives seem more indispensable than ever in understanding political processes. In one of the world's longest running and intractable conflicts, Israel was invading southern Lebanon and bombarding other parts of the country to devastating effect as we sat down to write this introduction in July and August 2006. Israel, ...

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International Encyclopedia of Political Science

Politics has always been a key dimension of human life. Politics affects everyone, just as the weather does, and since the time of the Greek classics, humankind has attempted to come to grips with its empirical and normative implications. Politics and political science have changed over time and have been ...

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21st Century Political Science: A Reference Handbook

These two volumes of 21st Century Political Science: A Reference Handbook were the product of many discussions that we, the editors, have had over the years concerning how to make fairly complex approaches in political science accessible to advanced undergraduate students and beginning graduate students. There is very little in ...

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Encyclopedia of Political Theory

Politics refers to the actions and practices by which people conduct their public affairs and manage their collective lives together. Political theory is the more or less deliberate reflection on the nature of public affairs and collective decision making. It is both a science and an art—a science that aims ...

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Handbook of Political Theory

This major new Handbook provides a definitive state-of-the-art review to political theory, past and present. It offers a complete guide to all the main areas and fields of political and philosophical inquiry today by the world's leading theorists. ...

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Encyclopedia of Politics: The Left and The Right

ALTHOUGH THE DISTINCTION between the politics of the left and the right is commonly assumed in the media and in treatments of political science and history, the terms are used so loosely that the student and the general reader are often confused: What exactly are the terms left and right ...

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Encyclopedia of Power

Power is a ubiquitous theme in the social sciences, not only as a topic in its own right, but also as an issue that underlies many debates and questions that do not explicitly address it. I believe this is the first Encyclopedia of Power to be found in the social ...

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The SAGE Handbook of Power

The concept of power is absolutely central to any understanding of society. The ubiquity of the concept can be seen by a comparative Google search. The score for ‘social power’ is 376 million hits, for ‘political power’ 194 million which compares with 334 million for ‘society’, 253 million for ‘politics’, ...

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International Handbook of Practice-Based Performance Management

“The Public Service is a public trust,” offered Florida Governor Reubin O'Donovan Askew in his inaugural address in January 1971. This sentiment, reflecting the ideals of public service in a democracy, underlies the modern performance measurement movement. Considerable efforts have been made in advancing this movement. For example, in the ...

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The Sage Handbook of Prejudice, Stereotyping and Discrimination

This is a sizable volume. It contains 36 chapters representing the contributions of 83 different authors and co-authors, who have made significant contributions to the study of prejudice, stereotyping, and discrimination. ...

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Encyclopedia of Prisons & Correctional Facilities

The United States confines more people per capita than any other equivalent industrialized, democratic country. It is also one of the last remaining such nations to practice capital punishment, and one of only a handful of countries anywhere that executes juveniles. Sentences are longer in the United States than in ...

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Encyclopedia of Psychological Assessment

Psychological assessment is the discipline of scientific psychology devoted to the study of a given human subject (or group of subjects) in a specific applied field (clinical, educational, work, etc.), by means of scientific tools (tests and other measurement instruments), with the purpose of answering clients' demands that require scientific ...

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The International Handbook of Psychology

This Handbook provides a convenient way to find authoritative, up-to-date information about psychological knowledge and research obtained around the world. It is part of the program of the International Union of Psychological Science (IUPsyS) to promote knowledge of psychology and to disseminate it widely. The Handbook is written at a ...

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Encyclopedia of Psychology and Law

Psychology and law is a relatively young field of scholarship. Conceptualized broadly, the field encompasses diverse approaches to psychology. Each of the major psychological subdivisions has contributed to research on legal issues: cognitive (e.g., eyewitness testimony), developmental (e.g., children's testimony), social (e.g., jury behavior), clinical (e.g., assessment of competence), biological ...

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21st Century Psychology: A Reference Handbook

Although human and animal behaviors have been topics of interest to scientists and others since antiquity, historians typically date the inception of modern psychology to the mid-1800s. More specifically, they have selected 1879, the year that Wilhelm Wundt established his experimental psychology laboratory at the University of Leipzig, as the ...

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Handbook of Public Administration

The publication of this volume reflects the culmination of a great deal of effort by a large number of people. The work of the authors and the section editors is obvious, but much of the work although less apparent is no less important. As editors we would like to express ...

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The Handbook of Public Affairs

It's remarkable that a working knowledge of public affairs is not required of every business school graduate. Students learn the essentials of finance, marketing, and operations management, but many don't do more than dip a toe into the waters of politics, regulation, corporate reputation, and social responsibility. ...

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The SAGE Handbook of Public Opinion Research

In 1968, W. Phillips Davison wrote the entry for ‘public opinion’ for the International Encyclopedia of the Social Sciences, concluding that ‘there is no generally accepted definition of the term’ (p. 188). Three years earlier Harwood Childs (1965) had described no less than 48 different definitions of public opinion in ...

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Handbook of Public Policy

The public policies of governments affect the lives and livelihoods of citizens every day in every country around the world. This Handbook provides a comprehensive review and guide to the study, theory, and practice of public policy today. Section One, Making Policy, introduces the policy making process - the means ...

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Encyclopedia of Public Relations

Some may wonder why public relations is a deserving topic for the extensive analysis it receives in this encyclopedia. After all, many might think, it is “just PR.” In the view of some or even many, public relations is the art of sham, spin, buzz, sandbagging, and “being nice.” Others ...

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The SAGE Handbook of Qualitative Geography

The early twenty-first century marks a marvelous time for qualitative geography. In concert with what some have called a ‘quiet methodological revolution’ across the social and policy sciences as well as the humanities (Denzin and Lincoln, 2005a: ix), geography is fostering an efflorescence in the prevalence and sophistication of qualitative ...

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The SAGE Handbook of Qualitative Research in Psychology

Until recently, qualitative research methods occupied a contested space on the margins of mainstream psychology. We are now witnessing a process of incorporation and expansion. In the UK at least, qualitative approaches to psychological research are increasingly being integrated into the mainstream. The British Psychological Society now rules that for ...

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The Sage Encyclopedia of Qualitative Research Methods

Qualitative research is designed to explore the human elements of a given topic, where specific methods are used to examine how individuals see and experience the world. Although qualitative research is often described in opposition to quantitative research, many scholars and practitioners are now using mixed methods and interdisciplinary approaches ...

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The SAGE Handbook of Quantitative Methods in Psychology

Quantitative psychology is the study of psychological phenomena using mathematical or statistical methods. Among fields within psychology, quantitative psychology is not recognized by the general public as part of psychology, despite its relatively long history within psychology. This lack of identity is in part due to the dual character of ...

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Encyclopedia of Race and Crime

Criminology and criminal justice involve the scientific study of crime, criminals, and the criminal justice system. Interest in the problem of crime began centuries ago, and in the 18th century, after several European countries experienced social unrest, writings about crime began to appear. During the 19th century, social scientists studied ...

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The Sage Handbook of Race and Ethnic Studies

A handbook such as this has a number of purposes. The first and most important of these is to provide a comprehensive and contemporary overview of major developments in the study of race and ethnicity. This in itself is a major task in this field which has undergone a series ...

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Encyclopedia of Race, Ethnicity, and Society

The issue of race and ethnicity is critical in contemporary life. It is a key element, whether explicitly stated or not, in debates concerning governmental leadership, health care, religion, aging, the media, and public policy in general. The issue of race and ethnicity is even more explicit in areas such ...

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Handbook of Racial & Ethnic Minority Psychology

As I have indicated in previous Introductions to volumes in the Racial & Ethnic Minority Psychology Series (REMP), a brief review of studies published on racial and ethnic differences in journals cataloged by Psychlnfo provides a clear indication of the increasing importance of the subfield of racial and ethnic minority ...

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Encyclopedia of Religious and Spiritual Development

In the 18th and 19th centuries, religion and spirituality were supposed to be replaced by science and reason—or so many thought. But that did not happen, and today, religion and spirituality play a major role in people's lives and in determining world affairs. So to be informed about today's world ...

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The SAGE Handbook of Remote Sensing

Although the term remote sensing is about 50 years old, having been coined in 1958 by Evelyn Pruitt, a geographer at the US Office of Naval Research (Estes and Jensen, 1998), the subject matter covered by the field of remote sensing is vast. As a methodological approach, remote sensing has ...

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Encyclopedia of Research Design

The Encyclopedia of Research Design is a collection of entries written by scholars in the field of research design, the discipline of how to plan and conduct empirical research, including the use of both quantitative and qualitative methods. A simple review of the Reader's Guide shows how broad the field ...

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The SAGE Handbook of Research in International Education

Interest in the field of international education has never been more intense than at present. There are a rapidly increasing number of schools worldwide set up specifically to meet the demands of those parents who wish to have their sons and daughters educated in schools that offer programs based on ...

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The SAGE Handbook of Rhetorical Studies

Rhetoric appears as the connective tissue peculiar to civil society and to its proper finalities, happiness and political peace. ...

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The Handbook of Rural Studies

Until the 1970s, the domain within which contemporary social science was being practised was increasingly urban. The role of the city as political and economic hub, and the construction of the urban as ostensibly the archetypal site of cultural distinction and social deprivation, meant that rural areas were being left ...

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Encyclopedia of School Psychology

It is trite, but nonetheless true, to remark upon the information overload that characterizes most of our daily lives. Even highly motivated learners need resources that gather reputable, informative, and important information into formats that are easily accessible and lend themselves to further in-depth exploration. The Encyclopedia of School Psychology ...

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Encyclopedia of Science and Technology Communication

In the academic world, the term science communication refers both to a set of professions (such as science journalism and public information work) and to an interdisciplinary scholarly research specialization. Much of this research is aimed at improving our understanding of the best ways to communicate complex information, especially to ...

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The SAGE Handbook of Social Geographies

The label ‘social geography' is more than a century old. As evidenced in correspondence, French geographer Élisée Reclus appears to have coined the term around 1895 (Dunbar, 1977). He wrote about it in the early drafts and final versions of his six-volume work L'Homme et la Terre (Man and the ...

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The Sage Handbook of Social Gerontology

The subject matter of the SAGE Handbook of Social Gerontology deals with one of the most enduring and complex issues of human societies: namely, ageing and its social, economic, and cultural determinants. In the 21st Century, ageing has become one of the most challenging issues worldwide, as population ageing is ...

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Handbook for Social Justice in Counseling Psychology

I was both delighted and humbled to be asked to write a foreword for this note worthy and timely book. This important Handbook, edited by Rebecca Toporek, Lawrence Gerstein, Nadya Fouad, Gargi Roysircar, and Tania Israel, presents a map for our field that will transform the next generation of training, ...

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Encyclopedia of Social Movement Media

You are looking at the very tip of the top of a gigantic iceberg. Indeed, you have the absolute right, if you are a social movement media activist, researcher, or historian and have examined the list of entries, to complain that this particular media project, that particular media project, or ...

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Encyclopedia of Social Networks

Humans have been forming social networks since pre-historic times. The first networks were based around the family, clan, or tribe to ensure the survival of the group. In the Book of Numbers in the Old Testament, God instructs Moses how to organize the Hebrews and thus structure the nomads' social ...

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Handbook of Social Problems

As near as I can tell, this is the first Handbook in the area of social problems since Erwin Smigel's (1971) Handbook on the Study of Social Problems. It strikes me as odd that there has been such a long hiatus between Handbooks in this area, since there are a ...

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Encyclopedia of Social Problems

Social problems affect everyone. Some of us encounter problems of unequal treatment and opportunity virtually every day as a result of our race, religion, gender, or low income. Others experience problems in their lives from chemical dependency, family dissolution and disorganization, technological change, or declining neighborhoods. Crime and violence affect ...

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The SAGE Handbook of Social Psychology

In response to market demand, The SAGE Handbook of Social Psychology: Concise Student Edition represents a slimmer, more course-focused and student-friendly volume than the original Handbook. The editors and authors have also updated all references, provided chapter introductions and summaries and a new Preface outlining the benefits of using the ...

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Encyclopedia of Social Psychology

Social psychology is the study of how normal people think, feel, and act. In that sense, social psychology is at the core of all the fields that study the human experience. As one colleague (not a social psychologist) remarked to us once, social psychology is one, and perhaps the only, ...

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Encyclopedia of Social Science Research Methods

These volumes comprise an encyclopedia of social science research methods, the first of its kind. Uniqueness explains, at least partly, why we undertook the project. It has never been done before. We also believe that such an encyclopedia is needed. What is an encyclopedia? In ancient Greek, the word signifies ...

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Handbook of Social Studies in Health and Medicine

"The collection will offer a unique range of work, both in terms of topics and of theoretical perspectives, written by leading scholars from around the world. It will be an essential resource for teaching and research." ...

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Handbook of Social Theory

This book is an indispensable resource for anyone interested in the roots, current debates and future development of social theory. It draws together a team of international scholars, and presents an authoritative and panoramic critical survey of the field. The first section, examines the classical tradition. Included here are critical ...

© 2001 SAGE Publications, Inc.


Encyclopedia of Social Theory

To the best of our knowledge, this is the first Encyclopedia of Social Theory. There are, of course, encyclopedias of the social sciences (among others) that have addressed some of the topics assembled here. However, because their treatment of social theory has been only part of a much broader set ...

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Encyclopedia of Social Welfare History in North America

In the Encyclopedia of Social Welfare History in North America, we endeavored to bring together basic information on the history of social welfare in the three major countries that constitute North America—Canada, Mexico, and the United States of America. Our intention was to provide readers with information about how these ...

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The SAGE Handbook of Social Work Research

The Sage Handbook of Social Work Research aims to provide a comprehensive account of the state of the art of social work research internationally, and in doing so to craft an intellectually original statement that will have a defining and shaping role for social work research, and thus provide an ...

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The Sage Handbook of Sociolinguistics

Editing a new handbook for an established field like sociolinguistics presents a huge challenge. Such a handbook should contribute novel perspectives on present knowledge; and – possibly – add new knowledge and new insights. But many excellent handbooks already exist; 1 moreover, sociolinguistics has had an enormous impact on linguistics ...

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The International Handbook of Sociology

This book is the first attempt in years to provide a balanced and well-informed assessment of the state of the art of sociology in many of its most important specialized fields. A first, distinctive character of the volume is the choice to focus on specialized fields instead of general theories. ...

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The SAGE Handbook of Sociology

Sociology has evolved greatly since it's inception as an academic discipline. It has diverged into numerous strands often flowing in disparate directions - so much so that today the notion of canonical sociology has become widely disputed. The field of sociology at present approximates to one of multi-paradigmatic complexity in ...

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21st Century Sociology

Since its inception through the early decades of the twentieth century, the discipline of sociology was essentially monolithic in perspective, representing a rather narrow range of interests into social problems areas. Early sociologists were essentially generalists, and during the first 100 years of disciplinary activity, the literature of sociology expanded ...

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The SAGE Handbook of Spatial Analysis

WHAT IS SPATIAL ANALYSIS? Spatial data contain locational information as well as attribute information. That is, they are data for which some attribute is recorded at different locations and these locations are coded as part of the data. Spatial analysis is a general term to describe a technique that uses ...

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The SAGE Handbook of Special Education

To organize scholarship within the field of special education in order to produce a one-volume handbook that speaks to a broad and international professional audience is to negotiate a vast area. An account of the field is a complicated task that carries a heavy responsibility. As Roger Slee has argued, ...

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The Handbook of Spiritual Development in Childhood and Adolescence

In 1956, I was a young physician in training at the Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston. I was planning to be a psychiatrist and was also pursuing an interest in pediatrics. The clinical work was demanding—enough so that I had little time for the kind of reading I'd once enjoyed ...

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Encyclopedia of Sports Management and Marketing

The impact of sport on our world is tremendous. Sport unites people via mega-events such as the Olympics or the FIFA World Cup soccer tournament. Sport provides a vehicle for civic engagement like HIV/AIDS education in Africa by the Grassroots Soccer organization or the Susan G. Komen Race for the ...

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Encyclopedia of Sports Medicine

I have been a sports medicine doctor here at Harvard Medical School for almost 40 years, and I am convinced more than ever that this is one of the most exciting fields in the health care continuum. ...

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Handbook of Sports Studies

We intend this Handbook to be a ‘user-friendly’ collection that will meet the interests of a diverse set of readers from many countries. We expect that most readers will have a background in sociology but others will have backgrounds primarily in psychology, social and economic history, politics, philosophy, or the ...

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Encyclopedia of Stem Cell Research

What is a stem cell? We have a basic working definition, but the way we observe a stem cell function in a dish may not represent how it functions in a living organism. Only this is clear: Stem cells are the engine room of multicelluar organisms for both plants and ...

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Handbook of Strategy and Management

Presenting a major retrospective and prospective overview of strategy, this Handbook is an important benchmark volume for management scholars worldwide. The Handbook frames, assesses and synthesizes the work in the field. Chapters are grouped under four specific areas of strategy and management: Mapping a Terrain; Thinking and Acting Strategically; Changing ...

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Encyclopedia of Substance Abuse Prevention, Treatment, & Recovery

The alcohol and other drug (AOD) field occupies a unique place within the disciplines that are called "health sciences," "human sciences," or "helping professions." These disciplines (e.g., medicine, nursing, social work, psychology, public health, counseling) have long-standing and well-established scientific foundations but rely on the skills of professionals for effective ...

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Encyclopedia of Survey Research Methods

Survey research is a systematic set of methods used to gather information to generate knowledge and to help make decisions. By the second half of the 20th century, surveys were being used routinely by governments, businesses, academics, politicians, the news media, those in public health professions, and numerous other decision ...

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Encyclopedia of Terrorism, First Edition

The Encyclopedia of Terrorism is a very important addition to our understanding of this complicated subject. ...

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The Sage Encyclopedia of Terrorism, Second Edition

Welcome to the second edition of The SAGE Encyclopedia of Terrorism. The publication of this edition is a significant milestone in the examination of modern terrorism on the tenth anniversary of the September 11, 2001, terrorist assault on the United States. The first edition of the Encyclopedia of Terrorism was ...

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The Health Psychology Handbook

Writing a foreword for The Health Psychology Handbook has stimulated me to look both backward and forward. Although research and practice in health and behavior has a long history, the year 2003 marks the 25th anniversary of the formalization of health psychology in the United States. It was in 1978 ...

© 2003 SAGE Publications, Inc.


The Persuasion Handbook

How individuals exercise influence via communication is a question so basic and so important that it has challenged scholars for centuries. The first Period of sustained attention to it began in Greece during the 5th century B.C. (but see McCroskey, 1997, pp. 4-5). During this Period, Corax and Tisias “composed ...

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The Psychology Research Handbook

The first edition of The Psychology Research Handbook: A Guide for Graduate Students and Research Assistants, published in 1996, quickly established itself as a standard text and reference work for students seeking to master research methods and procedures in psychology. Now, almost a decade later, the editors, Frederick Leong and ...

© 2006 SAGE Publications, Inc.


The SAGE Handbook for Research in Education

Both of us, the editors of the Handbook, teach courses that describe and delineate research methods—one of us introducing methods to be used in what is typically defined as a qualitative research tradition, the other teaching procedures considered more appropriately applied under a quantitative research rubric. Notwithstanding differences in our ...

© 2006 SAGE Publications, Inc.


The SAGE Glossary of the Social and Behavioral Sciences

A glossary is a specialized dictionary that provides short, core definitions related to a specific discipline or lan guage. New disciplines develop their own language, jar gon, concepts, and terms that may not be familiar to any student or scholar coming to these various fields for the first time, and ...

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Encyclopedia of the Social and Cultural Foundations of Education

This is an encyclopedia of the Social and Cultural Foundations of Education. It is intended to provide a comprehensive background for those interested in issues involving schools and society. The Social and Cultural Foundations of Education is an interdisciplinary field, including disciplines (to name just a few) such as history ...

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The SAGE Handbook of the Sociology of Religion

Discussion of religion seems to be everywhere in the first decade of the twenty-first century. Television documentaries, newspaper stories, magazine articles, online user groups, blogs, cartoons and websites all compete to offer the latest story about religion. Sensationalist accounts of violence and exploitation associated with religion tend to dominate. It ...

© 2007 SAGE Publications, Inc.


Encyclopedia of Time: Science, Philosophy, Theology, & Culture

What is time? Did it have a beginning? Will it ever end? These are profound questions that have been asked by serious thinkers over the centuries, from early speculations among the ancient Greeks to the startling discoveries in the modern sciences. Both philosophers and theologians have offered dynamic worldviews to ...

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The SAGE Handbook of Tourism Studies

This is the first SAGE Handbook of Tourism Studies. It has been a project in the making since we first embarked on it in Spring 2006. Our idea was to engage in cross-Atlantic collaboration that would bring academic perspectives from our respective continents into dialogue with scholars from other regions ...

© 2009 SAGE Publications, Inc.


Handbook of Transnational Crime & Justice

Many students of criminology, as well as criminal justice practitioners and policy advisers, are not much interested in events beyond their immediate environments. Typically, we are interested in understanding— and sometimes combating—crimes that occur in our neighborhoods or that affect people we care about there or elsewhere. In addition— stimulated ...

© 2005 SAGE Publications, Inc.


Encyclopedia of U.S. Campaigns, Elections, and Electoral Behavior

In 2004, Republican President George W. Bush won re-election to the U.S. presidency. Republicans retained control of Congress and dominated in most state elections. Yet only two years later the Republicans suffered devastating defeats in the Congressional elections, losing both Houses of Congress. Republican losses were also consequential at the ...

© 2008 SAGE Publications, Inc.


Encyclopedia of United States National Security

Security is like the air we breathe. We take it for granted until there is too little of it, at which point getting enough of it is all that matters. Aside from December 7, 1941, and September 11, 2001, the United States has been blessed in that most of its ...

© 2005 SAGE Publications, Inc.


Encyclopedia of Urban Studies

We live in an urban world. For the first time in human history, more than half of the world's population—some 3 billion persons—lives in urban areas. In the next two decades the number of persons living in urban areas will increase by another 2 billion persons—an amazing 60 percent increase—to ...

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Handbook of Urban Studies

The arrival of the new millennium was marked by another major milestone in the history of humankind: for the first time half, and according to some censuses slightly more than a half, of the world's population live in cities. Among the advanced economies this rapid development of cities spans some ...

© 2001 SAGE Publications, Inc.


Encyclopedia of Victimology and Crime Prevention

The modern interest in victimology and crime prevention in the United States can be traced to the turbulence of the 1960s, when crime and social unrest were escalating across the nation. The public's interest in the needs of women, children, the poor, and victims was an orchestrated national movement that ...

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Encyclopedia of War & American Society

This encyclopedia includes substantial essays on the wars Americans have fought, their civilian and military leaders, and their major military institutions. It goes well beyond those subjects, however, in two significant ways. First, it probes the connections between our wartime expeditions and the experiences of the larger American society. This ...

© 2005 SAGE Publications, Inc.


Encyclopedia of White-Collar & Corporate Crime

IN THE 2000s, white-collar crime has become a topic of almost daily news. The white-collar crime that caused the bankruptcy of Enron Corporation resulted in financial losses exceeding $66 billion to stockholders, and likely helped lead to the recall of the governor of California. Massive violations of laws pertaining to ...

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Encyclopedia of Women in the American West

In 1983 the first Western Women's Conference convened in Sun Valley, Idaho, to address the omissions and absence of women in traditional western history. This conference marked the first national meeting devoted to western women's history and launched the publication of The Women's West, edited by Susan Armitage and Elizabeth ...

© 2003 SAGE Publications, Inc.


Encyclopedia of Women in Today's World

The close of the first decade of the 21st century is an ideal time to reflect on the status of women in today's world. Women's situation in virtually every conceivable arena—from poetry to politics, education to economy—changed more dramatically in the last 100 years than in the preceding 1,000. And, ...

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Handbook of Work Stress

Questions about the causes or sources of work stress have been the subject of considerable research, as well as public fascination, for several decades. Earlier interest in this issue focused on the question of whether some jobs are simply more inherently stressful than others. Other questions that soon emerged asked ...

© 2005 SAGE Publications, Inc.


Handbook for Working With Children and Youth

Reading through the manuscripts that constitute the chapters for this book causes me to reflect on what I have learned from almost three decades of experience as a researcher, educator, author, program consultant, and legal expert witness dealing with issues of resilience in the lives of children and youth. I ...

© 2005 SAGE Publications, Inc.


Handbook of Workplace Diversity

Globalization and its melting pot of different nationalities, ethnicities and cultures is attracting research that is gathering in substance and theory. A dynamic new field that represents a significant focus within management and organisation studies is emerging. ...

© 2006 SAGE Publications, Inc.


The Sage Handbook of Workplace Learning

This SAGE Handbook provides a state-of-the art overview of the field of Workplace Learning Internationally. The assembled authors are all well-placed theoreticians, researchers and practitioners in this burgeoning field of educational endeavour which is now across higher education, vocational education and training, post-compulsory secondary schooling and lifelong education. ...

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Handbook of Workplace Violence

In the Handbook of Workplace Violence, editors E. Kevin Kelloway, Julian Barling, and Joseph J. Hurrell Jr. bring together the contributions of leading researchers to provide summaries and unique perspectives on current theory, research, and practice relating to workplace violence. This is the most up-to-date resource available providing a comprehensive ...

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Handbook of World Families

We often speak of the family, but there are many types of families. One can look upon the term family as a very complex word, with a great variety of meanings. Families can be studied from the perspective of a society and its organization. In many countries the law uses ...

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Encyclopedia of World Poverty

THE THREE VOLUMES of the Encyclopedia of World Poverty contain some 800 original, previously unpublished articles written by over 100 independent or affiliated scholars. This encyclopedia is intended for use as an authoritative and rigorous source on poverty and related issues. It provides extensive and current information and insight into ...

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The SAGE Handbook of Writing Development

The origins of this Handbook lie in an international seminar series, Reconceptualising Writing 5–16: cross-phase and cross-disciplinary perspectives 1 that was held at the Universities of Leeds, Exeter, and London in 2003-4. The seminars were funded by the United Kingdom Economic and Social Research Council and were planned in response ...

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Handbook of Youth Mentoring

In 2002, a young man named Ean Garrett told his personal story about the role mentors had played in shaping the first 16 years of his life. He also delivered a powerful call to action, telling a packed room of corporate chieftains and influential policymakers this: ...

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